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Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà was born in Alcamo, Sicily. When he was one y.o. his family moved to Lumezzane, an active industrial centre of Lombardia, where he grew up and completed his scholastic formation, gratuating as industrial expert mastering in mechanics, widening his technical knowledge, keeping collaborations with high tech fields  on the territory. For 12 years he was the senior Project Tech designer of die-cast and plastic moulds, creating pieces and technicals for important companies such as Kawasaki, Ducati Bonfiglioli, Sylber, Metalwork, Gaggia, Mercedes, Fini, Prisma, Tronconi, Artemide. For other 14 years, while he had a role in the Research & Development field for Mepra S.p.A., he started an important collaboration as a household designer with Pandora Design, UnitedPets - and more recently with Bialetti Industrie - for the inox and high tech plastic parts. His collaboration with Artemide starts in 2008 with “Pierce” (Good_design 2008, Red Dot Award 2009, IFF Design Award 2010) and further develops in 2011 with “Alcatraz”, LED floor lamp. 
Here is a synthesis of his creative way of thinking: “A technological lighting appliance has a soul, suggests a story, is often a poem without written verses, with a syntax of shades and lights. Light is an enrapturing luminous sound, is beautifully alive, dynamic, as well as intimate and gentle; respecting its nature, embracing its language, trying to provide multiple keys for interpretation wherever I can in the projects I address, is my own way to approach its magic nature”

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