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Emergency lighting

Emergency lamps with se (emergency only, non-permanent) or sa (always on, permanent) operation with autonomy of 1h, 2h, 3h with powers ranging from 8w to 24w, available in fluorescent or LED technology. The emergency lamps are available in indoor or outdoor versions and flag, recessed and ceiling-mounted signage versions. Emergency lamps are mainly used in public places but can also be installed in private homes.

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Reference: ETEMLED3W

Brand: Generico

Recessed 3W LED spotlight with high brightness in emergency, with an autonomy of up to 2.5 hours. Complete with lithium battery (Ni-Cd 4.8 V 2.5 Ah) integrated inside the spotlight. Dimensions 100mm in diameter and a 90mm recess hole. Complete with plug for 220-240VAC current. Intelligent automatic charging function.

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Brand: Lampo Lighting

Available in different variants

Dichroic LED SMD bulb with 4W 230V power, with high dissipation. Equipped with blackout device with rechargeable battery. Aluminum body and opaque PC diffuser. Available in 3000K, 4000K, 6400K versions.

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Reference: SYDNEY25WEM

Brand: Lampo Lighting

Small 25W tricolor round recessed LED downlight, complete with emergency KIT, high brightness 2600 lumen dimmable. With battery life in emergency for up to 3.5 hours. Total recharge time in 24 hours. Integrated switch to change the color of the LED between 3000K, 4000K or 6000K.

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Reference: ETEMLED1W

Brand: Generico

1W LED recessed spotlight in emergency, with a range up to 2.5 hours. Complete with lithium battery (LiFePO4 3.2V 1.5Ah) integrated inside the spotlight. Dimensions 110 mm in diameter and a depth of 45mm. 92mm recessed hole. Complete with 220-240VAC power plug. Intelligent automatic reload function.

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Reference: 3.5423.715.0

Brand: IGuzzini

The body of the fitting, reflector, frame and opal diffuser screen are made of self-extinguishing shatter-proof polycarbonate. This fitting is designed for emergency lighting with TC-EL fluorescent lamp 11W. The screen is fixed to the body by four captive screws that allow for protection degree IP66.

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